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EFFThe Economic Freedom Fighters held the 1st Central Command Team meeting as elected by the 1st National People’s Assembly on the 11th of January 2015. The primary task of the EFF 1st CCT was to process the report, resolutions and Constitution as adopted by the 1st National People’s Assembly before they are disseminated to all structures of the EFF and members of society for them to know and internalise what will constitute the strategic organisational, political and ideological programme of the EFF for the term of office of the current CCT. These reports were received by the CCT and will soon be distributed and explained to all members of the EFF though Branch, Regional and Provincial General Assemblies, and made available to all members of the public through various communications channels.

The CCT paid tribute to all Fighters and Commissars who played a role in the formative stages of the…

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