How to Resist Temptation


Sabbath Sermons

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I’d like to tell you something that I don’t like. I don’t like to see people eaten by lions. Neither does God. He doesn’t like to see people consumed by a roaring lion. But unfortunately, there is too much of this going on. The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking for whom he may devour. He’s looking. He’s not just strolling around the earth just whistling his tunes and enjoying himself, he is looking for people who he can devour. The best place to look if you want to devour somebody is in a place where they’re not to devoured. You need to go to a place where there’s still life and unfortunately, that just so happens to be God’s church. The devil comes to church licking his lips wondering who he can have for a snack. For those who may be forsaking themselves from assembling…

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