How to Resist Temptation


Sabbath Sermons

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I’d like to tell you something that I don’t like. I don’t like to see people eaten by lions. Neither does God. He doesn’t like to see people consumed by a roaring lion. But unfortunately, there is too much of this going on. The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking for whom he may devour. He’s looking. He’s not just strolling around the earth just whistling his tunes and enjoying himself, he is looking for people who he can devour. The best place to look if you want to devour somebody is in a place where they’re not to devoured. You need to go to a place where there’s still life and unfortunately, that just so happens to be God’s church. The devil comes to church licking his lips wondering who he can have for a snack. For those who may be forsaking themselves from assembling…

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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


Sabbath Sermons

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When two people get married, things go on in the mind. Does he really love me? Constantly there is a looking for evidences that the person loves me. There has often been confusion on this point because someone may ask, do you love me? They may say, yes I love you but you don’t seem to love me. I think, well, I told you I love you. I go to work don’t I? Doesn’t that mean I love you? But many people say, well yes intellectually, but I’m needing something else. Something to fill the emotional need of being loved the way I want to be loved.

There is a practice of some in seeking to determine whether the object of their affection returns that affection or not to take a flower and picking of the petals one at a time, they repeat the phrases, “she loves me…

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Drinking at the Fountain of Life


Sabbath Sermons

By John Thiel, Audio: mp3

Study with Care

Jesus our Lord and Saviour is here with us by His Holy Spirit and He wants us to receive this water of life as in the hymn ‘I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.’ This is what the theme of our divine service is today, drinking at the fountain of life. Stoop down and drink and live.

In my experience over the years, I have found that the real drinking and eating is missed by many a believer in the Bible. The real drinking yes, there are a lot of truths, a lot of information gained in the reading of the Word, but the drinking at the fountain of life seems to evade many, many Christians in these last days.

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Doctor doctor


falling awake


Having been snuffling around in the pigsty of poor mental health for several years now, I’m learning to be more demanding when it comes to getting help.

A recent trip to the doctor’s more resembled a perilous voyage into Mordor than an innocent check up – I was battle-ready and prepared not to leave with just a pill prescription, but rather a more concrete and sustainable plan to wobble my way back to better mental health. Fight the power.

Except that ten minutes after shaking the doctor’s hand, I had a psychotherapy referral underway, a blood test booked and a sincere request from my GP to please come back if I felt in any way overwhelmed over the next few days. It all went so well I didn’t really know what to do with myself.

It’s not my intention to badmouth the NHS, but my experience of GPs is that…

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Withhold Nothing


Sabbath Sermons

By John Thiel, Audio: mp3

As we live in this time of earth’s history, we are coming close to the moment when all that we possess will be lost and according to the Scriptures, our wealth is worth nothing in the day of God’s wrath.

Houses and lands will be of no use to the saints in the time of trouble, for they will then have to flee before infuriated mobs, and at that time their possessions cannot be disposed of to advance the cause of present truth. I was shown that it is the will of God that the saints should cut loose from every encumbrance before the time of trouble comes, and make a covenant with God through sacrifice. If they have their property on the altar and earnestly inquire of God for duty, He will teach them when to dispose of these things. Then they will be…

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Does God Destroy?


Does God Destroy

Sabbath Sermons

Fear and Revere

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If anyone ever wants to follow the Lord or have the privileges of being in the kingdom of heaven, then we must experience the cross. But this cross is not just easily experienced. It is easily said, but it is not easily experienced. It is a hard experience. In Luke 13 Christ gave His experience and He likened it to a strait gate, a gate which was difficult to enter into. Someone came up to the Lord:

Luke 13:23 Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, 24 Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

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