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EFFThe Economic Freedom Fighters held the 1st Central Command Team meeting as elected by the 1st National People’s Assembly on the 11th of January 2015. The primary task of the EFF 1st CCT was to process the report, resolutions and Constitution as adopted by the 1st National People’s Assembly before they are disseminated to all structures of the EFF and members of society for them to know and internalise what will constitute the strategic organisational, political and ideological programme of the EFF for the term of office of the current CCT. These reports were received by the CCT and will soon be distributed and explained to all members of the EFF though Branch, Regional and Provincial General Assemblies, and made available to all members of the public through various communications channels.

The CCT paid tribute to all Fighters and Commissars who played a role in the formative stages of the…

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Maonero anosiyana nhai asi semaonero angu Zimdancehall haisi yemunhu no one owns it eehe varipo vanogona chaizvo bt vachafa vachiisiya kouya vamwe vopisa vopfuura.

Winky D Mudhara, Seh Calaz anogona, Souljah luv chimudhara, Sniper anoziva, Guspy usajairire. Ok by the way ini ndini aniko?

Ini im Alfred Hokonya Jnr aka Festbwon ndoda ngoma zvakaipa to da extend yekutozoimbawo ngoma dzangu bt as im writing handidi hangu kuita muimbi full tym. Ndogadzira mabeat neFruity Loops eeh ndostairaka.

Tocky Vibes ndokusimbisa wakaipa. Kana newe Lady Bee hauite naItana imi ndikaramba ndichinyora handingakupedzai bijai ngoma tinakirwe. King Alfred hamuita maDj acho makadziya mese.

Alright ndapedza hangu.

Sex is one of the Greatest Evidences There is a God


In Light of The Cross

I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area. I am writing today from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

In light of recent debates on creation or the existence of God, here are my thoughts, I am sharing simply because I have not seen them shared anywhere else and I believe they are important.

  1. Its infinitely impossible to believe we came from a big bang or just evolved. Its infinity times infinity impossible to believe that we just evolved or came from a big bang, and oh by the way, we just happen to be able to reproduce with each other.
  2. If the Biblical guidelines for sex are not real, then why does sex outside of those guidelines leave us with emotional scars that can only be healed by the forgiveness and agape love found in the Bible? (An unbeliever may say the scars come from our  man made “religious hangups”  about sex, yet unbelievers are scared by immoral and…

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Rudo runotifadza


“‘Tis Love That Makes Us Happy”, F.E. Belden, is a
testimony to the power and essence of love in the
Christian experience. Echoing 1 Corinthians 13’s famous
narrative which unlocks the tremendous power of love —
the musician testifies how love can bring joy and
opportunity, how it can heal the ills and sorrows of earthly
life, and ultimately, how love will will be the theme song
during the bliss of eternity.

Hymn 17, Kristu Mundwiyo

Rudo runotifadza, runonatsa nzira,
Runoita titeerere, nekuva nemutsa

Mwari rudo, tiri vana vake,
Mwari rudo, tifanane naye

Rudo runotifadza, runonatsa nzira,
Runoita titeerere, nekuva nemutsa

Pasi rine urombo, kurwara nekufa:
Ngerudo tinobatsira, vamwe kudawira

Apo basa rapera, totorwa kum’soro
Ngoma yedu tichaimba, ndiJesu nge-rudo